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Nike – The Other Tattoo

Raheem Sterling - The Wembley Tattoo.
Raheem Sterling's Crazy Dream.
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The Other Tattoo

As a kid, Raheem Sterling watched Wembley Stadium rise up on the skyline from his own backyard. The iconic arch was the backdrop to every one of his goals. Aged 15, he left home for Liverpool, still dreaming of one day returning home as King of Wembley.

But he didn’t just dream of it. He believed in it.
So much so that he committed it to his skin as a teenager.

We shared Raheem’s Crazy Dream with the world the day of his first FA Cup Final at Wembley. The day the King of Wembley came home.

Agency: Wieden+Kennedy London
Creatives: Joseph Paul, Joanna Cassidy Osborne
Creative Directors: Mark Shanley & Paddy Treacy
Photography: Matt Holyoak